November 23, 2012


Though I'm still painfully full from last night's gi-normous feasts (in my case, we had two. Yes. TWO FULL Thanksgiving meals), it's hard not to want to shop... While I'm not much of a run to the store, endure the Black Friday madness, kind of a gal, I know this year, a lot of purchases will be made online. 

I'm in the process of figuring out what I want to get everyone and since I'm working closely with eBay, I'm thinking visiting their Holiday Gift Guide at, is a great place to start. Plus,  along with offering crazy awesome deals eBay would like to help you keep track of your holiday shopping gift lists. 

They've created a neat Facebook gifting app - the Holiday Gift Shop - that not only allows you to create gift lists for people you are shopping for, but  it allows your kids  to get in on the fun too with an interactive Kids Toy List section.

A few facts about the app:

1) No one you create gift lists for can see what you've created. These are lists you are making for yourself. 
2) You can create toy lists for your kids! (And be entered into the sweepstakes! Every day an item from someone's gift list will be given to them!)
3) You get great recommendations from eBay experts.
4) It's super convenient - It ties right into the eBay site and the eBay mobile app so you can shop anywhere, any time!

1. Golf Clubs
Boyfriend + Hobby = Golf. I will score huge points if I got him a new driver. Done and done!

2.  HDTVs
My mom needs a new television. And while a new television is sort of a heavy duty gift, but there are several listings here that seem affordable. 

3.  Video Game Console
I may be out of my mind but I think the key this year to my son's heart will be more access to video games. We have a Playstation in the living room but this then causes battles over who gets to watch what/when. So maybe another console in the bedroom is a good idea. Or maybe I'm crazy. Here's some great deals though.

4. Kate Spade Handbags
My boyfriend's mom and I share a passion: Purses. There are some great deals on Kate Spade Bags here. Love! 

5. Keurig Coffee Maker.
Last but not least, a little gift Pour Moi. I make a pot of coffee EVERY morning. And mid morning. And afternoon. I think it's time to streamline this necessity.

I have many more family and friends to shop for but I'm still full from two Thanksgiving feasts and it's making me a bit delirious. And... oddly enough, more hungry. (How does that even work???!)

For those of you couch bound this weekend, like me, remember eBay makes it easy to shop anywhere/anytime via the mobile app found at since ignoring your children during a food coma is not an option, have them join you by making a gift wishlist of their own on

Anyone who creates a gift list, for themselves or for a child, will be entered for a chance to win. Each day eBay will award an item from a lucky person's list. Entrants can also win eBay gift cards!

This is a sponsored post. I was hired by Splash Creative Media to write this on behalf of eBay.

November 21, 2012


The things you find on your kitchen counter while prepping for Thanksgiving when living with a 5 year-old...

May The Force Be With You.

November 16, 2012


I'm often amazed at some of the thoughts my son shares at random times...

There are the 5:54 am conversations (by conversation, I mean, him talking and me begging him to lower his voice while I bury my head in the pillow) about how I should know that Padme was Luke and Leah's mom and that Darth Vader was once Anakin and now Optimus Prime is defeating the Autobots... Or something like that.

Then there are the 2:45 pm conversations where out of no where I am bombarded with questions about how "volcane-oos" erupt or how Moses told the Pharoah to let his people go (Seriously, I'm not making this up).

Then there are the right before bed moments... where all is quiet. All is calm (ish). And "all" becomes gems... Nuggets of sweetness... conversations and questions that, (for lack of a better word), tickle me so that I could literally devour him up if eating him were an option. (Truth be told, I have actually tried to eat him).

Last night, before bedtime, literally as we're sitting down on his bedroom floor and opening "Miss Nelson is Missing."

J: Mommy, did it hurt your boobies when I drankED milk out of them?
Me: (Gulp) Um, not really. (LIE. LIE. LIE).
J: I'm so glad I'm not a mommy.
P and I try to contain our laughter.
Me: Why is that?
J: Because I'm just so glad I don't have to have a baby in my stomach and then have a baby come out of my... my... Pa--Pa--Pa--
Me: (Remembering our many "Pachina" stories): I get it Jonah.
J: Oh, women just have to do ALL the work.
NOW we are laughing.
Me: Oh, is that right?
J: Yah, daddies don't have to do anything.
Me: Some daddies do a lot.
J: Nope. Not really. All they do is hand the mommies the diaper.
Me: Change the diaper?
J: NO. They just HAND the diaper and the mommy changes it. Mommies do EVERYTHING.
Me: Well... yes. That is kind of true.
J: They have it the WORST.
Me: Yes. Yes... It's a lot of work.
J: How will I meet my mommy?
Me: Your mommy?
J: I mean, the mommy of my baby...
P: (Sotto to me) Well.. you could go on the internet...
Me: Funny.
J: Will I just meet her walking down the street?
Me: That's a possibility.
J: She will have to do all the work.
Me: Hmmm... Let's discuss that in 20 years.

November 15, 2012


My Nana and Papa on their wedding day, July 10, 1949.

Lots of love. Lots of passion. And one very skeptical looking father (my great grandfather) watching from the sidelines...

This is one of my favorite, and certainly most cherished black and white photos...


November 12, 2012


It shouldn't take tragedies and disasters like Hurricane Sandy to remind us about helping others, but sometimes it does... I often think about how lucky I am... How much I have to be thankful for... Especially around the holidays, I tend to feel sentimental about this blessing... I'm surrounded by friends, family, and full of health. Lately I've been thinking about ways that I can give back to my world and my community and it is my goal to put my thoughts and efforts in to action over the next few months... Even if it's something small like bringing my boyfriends' clothes to GoodWill, I want and need to do something... and I intend to share my experience "doing good and doing more" with you...

Recently Red Tricycle told me about a project that they're involved with and in an effort to share and do better with my own community, I thought this was a good start to sharing good things:

Red Tricycle and Blue Shield of California have teamed up to spotlight local moms that are on a mission to promote health and wellness in their communities.  These ladies have inspired others to promote healthy, balanced and active lives—all the while balancing the needs of her own family.  (Not easy, we know!)  

Highlights include profiles of women like Nicole Dawes, the Founder and CEO of Late July Organic Snacks, who remains committed to providing healthy, organic snack foods to our kids and Stephanie and Beth (the moms behind OC Mommies) who put together a fundraising event called Trike 41, where over 100 toddlers rode tricycles to fundraise $10,000 for other kids their age fighting cancer.

But we know that there are many more moms who fly under the radar who are doing meaningful things for their community so Red Tri wants to find them!

Here's how you can help:
1.  Read about Moms who Make a Difference on Red Tricycle at and become inspired.
2.  Nominate yourselves or a friend in the We Shield Moms contest that launches on November 11th where you/they'll have the chance to win $5,000 grant to donate to the charity of your/their choice, $500 shopping spree and a family membership to local zoo or museum.  To enter, visit Blue Shield of California’s page on Facebook page after November 11th, Click HERE to Nominate or

As a bonus to say thanks to all the moms that are out there doing great things for the community, Red Tricycle is hosting a series of free playdates in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.  The event line-up is here:

This is a sponsored post.