December 6, 2013


Ho, ho, ho. The Holidays are here and boy, could I used a heavily spiked beverage. While this holiday season is extra sweet because of all the wonderful things that have happened this year, like everyone else, it's hard not to feel completely overwhelmed as the year winds down. However, it was important to me to send out a holiday card this year to share my gratitude to all of our friends and family. Luckily, I've partnered with to help make this holiday card process an easy one and will also be working with them on wedding invitations, menus, and programs.

Like I said, I needed to make the process an easy one. In short, sending out a card that has us frolicking in white, with Jonah doing leaps in the air between us, and the darling dog in tow (which we'd have to borrow), wasn't going to happen.  With a wedding 4 months away, not only are we busy and faking a smile on the beach would be tough, but we are on a budget and want to save our resources. Therefore, we needed to find a card that was either a non-photo card or wouldn't look terrible with my iPhone photos blown up.

The holiday card options were fantastic and there were actually so many options for cards that didn't require the perfect family photo or make me feel bad about the snow we never really get in California. In fact, the options were so cute and current I didn't really feel bad about anything!

I settled on these darling ones. I love that I got to select the shape and choose colors. The best part, was that since there are only 3 of us, once I ordered, I simply sent a note to the customer service department and asked that they removed one of the pairs of boots and one scarf (and which order to place them in). In less than 24 hours, they sent me a proof and we moved forward. How's that for ease?!

I also loved that I had the option of writing a little note and including as many photos as I wanted on the inside of the card. This gave me the chance to tell the story of the past 12 months both visually and in text, and wish everyone a fantastic 2014. Hurray for all-in-ones!

So now with Holiday behind me (kind of), it's time to truly dig in to THE WEDDING. Can't wait to share with you the invitations designs I'm working on in

**Side note, I know I'm all talk... In truth, when I do post wedding photos, there will probably be one or two photos of us frolicking in a field in wedding garb, gazing lovingly at Jonah. The only thing missing will be the dog. I'm working on that one. Give me time. ;-)**

This a sponsored post. Opinions are my own. 

December 5, 2013


Every now and again, I start feeling a little sentimental about how much I miss Jonah's baby and toddler years. Though age 6 is proving to be fantastic in a million ways,  there are moments, like this morning, when I wish I could go back in time... just for a little... The new words he'd use, the developments he'd make, the way he ate... I know this sounds silly, but when a 6 year old eats, let's be honest- it looks, well, like eating and usually just looks like a mess (on the floor). Eating is for survival at this point.  But when a 1, 2, or 3 year old eats... Well, to me it was like watching a rare bird (scratch that, I hate birds. What am I thinking?!)-- it was like watching a rare, baby tiger eat for the first time. It's fascinating, sweet, and produces some special moments that for whatever reason, stick with you forever. (For the record, I'm actually not one of those people that find it fascinating when animals eat. Like, at all. But since the majority of world does care, I used that analogy for them. I do what I can).

Since it's Throwback Thursday, and since I'm feeling particularly mushy this fine 43 degree - SoCal morning, I thought I'd share a clip I found from a few years ago. Jonah was about 3 1/2. Just before this video started, he was asking about how people swallow and to tell him about "Spit," which I explained was called "saliva."  As an expert on saliva, ahem, if you're a fellow parent, you'll find my answer to be quite comforting, if nothing else. And trust me, there's nothing else. I only know what I know people.

Anyway, enjoy and cherish the small moments. And eat your broccoli. xo, JB