July 29, 2009


I first would like to start out by saying that I seldom use the word "bling," but I have had some serious writer's block as of late, (mostly due to an unfortunate circumstance with a loved one that I will touch on in another post).  So for the time being, I hope you'll indulge me on my lack of creativity and allow me to brag about another person who seriously never ceases to amaze me. My dear friend Christine, who looks like California Barbie but is as clever and crafty as Martha Stewart, has launched a new jewelry line and it's incredible. 

Q Handmade pieces are custom hand-stamped sterling silver disc necklaces. Each disc undergoes a hand-distressed process to give it a unique, vintage look. 14k gold is also available.  

Christine is offering 20% of your purchase when you mention *Perfectly Disheveled* or *J-Ko* by placing an order on her website. 

In the meantime, the show that I'm producing on right now is airing tonight: 

Watch the premiere of "HOLIDATE" on SoapNet tonight, Wednesday, July 29th at 10/9c.  

It's based on the movie "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz and my girl crush Kate Winslet. The premise is simple-- two women who have everything going for them but are coming up short in the love department, switch cities and lives and date each other's men.... (sort of). It's cute, romantic and great summer TV.  Only thing missing: adorable little British girls trying to help the world's hottest daddy get laid...

July 15, 2009


Lately I've gotten a little flip cam happy.... especially during meal time.  The other morning as Baby-Ko ate cottage cheese (with his hands), I felt like I was once again witnessing a moment in time that had to be captured. While the sound of my voice makes me want to become a mute (and makes me think I have a speech impediment) and my parenting/ discipline skills, (or lack thereof),  could use some serious fine tuning, it is his rendition of ABC's that makes me feel like the proudest mom in the world.... 

P.S. Clearly,  The Mommy Dearest/ Vacuum Monster shtick didn't last long.  Just ask the carpet cleaners....

July 12, 2009


For those of you that have been following PD for a little while, you will recall that my Nana is a big part of my life and has certainly been a source for "material." While she does live in a retirement village called Leisure World replete golf carts, club houses and sloped curbs (god forbid someone trips), she really isn't your typical 80 year old Grandma. In fact, this year, she's already been to Ireland and Las Vegas (both equally important destinations) and in a couple weeks, she's going to Africa with a friend for a 3 weeks. What's even more impressive, is that she is a very talented artist and recently had someone build her a website to showcase her work.

Although Nana's got her own site, getting her to understand what exactly a "blog" is and how one even finds it, has been a work in progress. Yesterday she spent the day with Baby-Ko, my mom and I:

Nana:  Okay, J-Ko dear, please tell me how I find your bog.
J-Ko:  Blog.
Nana:  Oh, well what do I type?
J-Ko:   Perfectly Disheveled dot-- It's a website. Like google.
Nana:  How do I find my google?
Mom:  First you have to find your Yahoo...
J-Ko:  Here we go again...
(We all laugh)
Nana:  No, now just wait...
J-Ko:   Nana, we've been through this. Just turn on your computer, go on line--


J-Ko:  The internet. You need the internet. 


Mom:  Oy. J-Ko, you need to show her.

FINE. I turn on my computer, go online and show her how to find my site. She starts reading. 

Nana: J-Ko dear. Oh my god. This is unbelievable. I had no idea that this is what a blog was. I love this!

After reading some of my older posts and searching around, she discovered the links "I Like" and suddenly my 80 year old Nana got "intra-net" savvy: 

Nana: Can you put my website on here?
J-Ko:  You mean like, link to your website?
Nana: Yes, why not. Maybe your friends want to buy art.
J-Ko:  Viral marketing. Love it.  I will put it up tomorrow.

Whether you like art or not, there's no denying- my Nana is pretty unbelievably talented and impressive.... and I personally have many many favorites. I am beyond proud to plug my Nana's site.  She's my very own Picasso and certainly my role model. Did I mention she's also going to Australia in August???!!

PS. "Thoughtful" is of me when I was Baby-Ko's age! See any resemblance?

July 2, 2009


Why is it that I cannot trust a mirror? It seems like these days, I can only tell what I really look like by looking at a digital photo. Isn't that strange? I mean, isn't a mirror a REFLECTION?! Yet, when I look at one, I don't trust it.  First of all, as we all know, every mirror is different. Want to feel skinny? Go to the changing rooms at Anthropologie on South Beverly Drive. You will look like you just did the master cleanse and lost 20 pounds (and btw, the mirror is so magical you will actually think you have enough money to buy all the clothes you just tried on). But go over the hill to HELL (a.k.a.  Bloomingdale's at Fashion Square), try on something that should be a sure thing like a James Perse tee and trust me, you will never look fatter (or more broke).

Seriously, mirrors are like Fun Houses and can be very deceiving. I realize, looking at myself in a mirror should be enough to get a sense of what I look like, but sometimes, there is something oddly gratifying (and twisted) about looking at a PHOTO and seeing what you look like through other's eyes. I can admit that I'm totally that person who takes a photo and looks at it the minute it's taken. I zoom in, out, down and around. I check myself out. And often times, I delete it if I don't like what I see... Pathetic and vain, I know.... considering that you can't delete an image in a mirror, NO matter how you stand or pose. But thanks to the digital age, you can pose, suck in, and smile again and again, until you get it juuuuuuust right. (Certainly, until it's Facebook, Twitter, or Snapfish ready). 
Well, the other day, if you saw a brunette woman in her early 30's taking a picture of herself at every light on Fairfax, that was ME. I decided to take my new hair do for a walk on the wild side and wear it "wavy." The mirror in the morning told me it looked cute, but the mirror in my car told me otherwise. The only way to tell: Camera Phone.  After practically draining the battery on my phone, and looking like a total loser, this is the "look" I finally settled on....

As far as I know, I'm pretty sure I almost never make that face in "real life..." Of course, every mirror I know lies....