May 28, 2009


I am so over the moon and excited to announce that my blog was mentioned in this month's SELF Magazine as one of the Editor's and bloggers picks for favorite Web Diaries. was their Fitness Tip Bloggers pick along with NieNie Dialogues (which has a huge following).  

Thank you, SELF!

This is a pretty big honor and one that definitely warranted me getting choked up at the newsstand over at 8am this morning... Needless to say, my fancy sunglasses are now all smudged from tears, but I've got my back up pair on stand by just in case.... Hope Baby-Ko doesn't mind being shadeless:-)

May 26, 2009


If there is one thing in the world I can't be trusted with, it is A PAIR OF SUNGLASSES. Plastic, wired, black or tortoise shell, doesn't matter: I will break them, lose them and/or generally f*ck them up. I've learned my lesson the hard way.... buying trendy, expensive, and the requisite make-my-face-look-skinny-frames, only to sit on them (accidentally), drop kick them (accidentally), or lose them (accidentally, of course).  

The worst example of nice glasses gone bad was a couple years ago... Before a vacation, I went out and bought a fab pair, got to said (super sunny and gorge) destination, only to discover that I had forgotten them along with my entire wallet and ID at home too (but that's a whole other story).  Fortunately, the hotel we stayed at before leaving for a ten day cruise had a (not so) plethora of sunglasses for me to choose from. The majority of them made me look like a Golden Girl, but I did happen to find one pair for $15 bucks that worked....

Well, 2 1/2 years later, those effing glasses are still working. I have sat on them. I have drop kicked them. I have probably even run my car over them. They are barely hanging on, but by-golly, these bitches are still in tact. Kind of.... Wellllll, not enough for me to forgo the TRULY fabulous pair of grown up sunglasses I just bought (don't worry, they came with a case that could take a bullet), but at least enough for Baby-Ko to look ridiculously cool in the morning....

May 19, 2009


HELLLOOOOO. It has been a LONG time since I've posted. There's been a lot brewing in the world of J-Ko-- and it's been a little tough to find the time and "juices" to write-- NOT that there HASN'T been much to write about.... From my Baby-Ko's obsession with "Fuck!" (aka. "Hopkins" the FROG on "Signing Times"), to his brilliant three word sentence "I feeling it" (which he declared on Mother's Day as he fondled the clothes on every rack at Nordstrom), to the fact that I "blow my wad," so to speak, within the first five minutes of a walk with Baby-Ko because he devours every snack I've brought to bribe him to stay in the stroller....

But alas, Baby-Ko has discovered You Tube (not kidding) and I've got a few minutes to jot down my thoughts....

Remember when I was a SAHM and felt disheveled from head to toe? When my "uniform" was sweats and a tank, scarf in my hair and big sunglasses and maybe, just maaaybe a little concealer to hide the bags under my eyes (should I need to remove said glasses once entering fine establishments such as Target, Trader Joes, or Whole Foods)? And then I turned in to full time WM and had to get my act together (a little bit) on the appearance front-- handing Baby-Ko bangles and blush brushes to keep him occupied as I zipped off to work...?

Well, now I'm back. Disheveled is back. Not so perfect and certainly not very clean. On average, I shower every 1.5 days and am down to a Monday and Wednesday Hair washing routine. (Seriously, on a Monday or Wednesday, I could very well turn down plans with a "Oh, that'd be swell. But I've got to wash my hair" - and it'd be true!). These days I'm feeling grungier than ever and frankly, it's not all that terrible. Who needs to get dressed up to go to the park? Who needs to get dressed up only to have your 20 month old kiss and hug you, after feeding himself yogurt and avocado? Who needs to get dressed up if you don't even have time for a shower? Not me! Oh, no. I am happy to hang in my own filth. After all, I think a dirty mommy is a sign of a mom who's played hard and worked hard. In fact, I think the blue pen I noticed on my face after being out and about for HOURS says a lot about the kind of mommy I am.... Thanks to Harvey Karp, not only is Baby-Ko the Happiest Toddler on The Block, but he's got the THE DIRTIEST MOMMY ON THE BLOCK.

Speaking of which, I was invited by a neighbor to go to the park "with some of the other 'neighborhood' mommies." Turns out it is a Mom's Club thing, but she promises me that the mom's are all nice and kids around the same age.... Fortunately, there aren't any ducks or monster like turtles at this park, because we all remember what happened last time I was "In Da Club..." Wish me luck.... :-)