April 22, 2006

FAMILY FINDS: 50% Off All-Ages Giant Blue Whale-Watching Sunset Cruise

$15 for 2.5 Hour Giant Blue Whale-Watching Sunset Cruise

Ready to set sail on a relaxing cruise that won’t break the bank or require luggage? For just $15, you can enjoy a 2.5-hour whale-watching sunset cruise. Kids are welcome! Warm weather is here, and it is the perfect season to hit the deck and enjoy the guaranteed beautiful sunsets and breathe in fresh open air. The annual "Summer Giant Blue Whale Migration" brings thousands of blue whales each summer/fall to the waters off Newport Beach. Newport Beach is a world-class whale-watching destination, as the waters just outside of Newport Bay are considered to be some of the most fertile in California. Over 1000 whales were viewed last summer! In fact, there is a 96% viewing success rate -- and no whale is viewed, a free pass for another whale-watching cruise is offered. All you need is your camera and your binoculars, and you’ve got yourself one fun family adventure!


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