February 7, 2011


I have yet to see a cover of a gossip magazine that shows how much worse a celebrity looks AFTER they've had a baby. It's seriously ridiculous. Every celebrity looks BETTER post baby-- and like immediately. How do they do it? Serious diet and serious workouts, that's how (Oh, so my hand in a jar of nutella is not going to help?)

What also helps these hot new mommies: a relationship with equally hot men who take care of their figures (and are not likely to gain the "sympathy weight.") Well, I got a chance to talk to Courtney Mazza, girlfriend to hottie Mario Lopez. Courtney gained 30lbs during her pregnancy with daughter Gia and in less than 5 months, was back to her starting weight of 113 lbs. Of course, she didn't do it by sitting around and giving in to pizza and pink berry cravings. (Not that I know anything about that).

1) In Hollywood, it seems a lot of the time women who have perfect figures, "let it go" during their pregnancies? Considering you gained a very average 30 lbs, were you careful about your diet? Did you exercise?

I did not deprive myself when it came to eating...I just ate the right portions and exercised!

2) Would you say you had an easy pregnancy? How about labor and delivery?

My pregnancy was a breeze besides having placenta previa. The labor was not bad..I have a high tolerance for pain. I ended up having a c-section and Gia was born within 20 minutes!

3) How long after your daughter was born did you give yourself before you decided it was time to work on shedding the weight you had gained?

I slowly started working out six weeks after I gave birth to Gia and when I was finished breast feeding at eight weeks, I started Healthe Trim!

4) What were some of the motivating factors for you during your "hard core" training sessions?

Ha! Hardcore training session is correct! I love to do kettle bells, kick boxing...

5) You lost a significant amount of weight in a short time, do you think it would have taken you twice as long had you not been taking the supplements?

You never know how your body is going to react. They say it takes as long to lose the weight as it took to gain it and I did not want that to be the case!

6) As busy mom, what's your trick for avoiding pitfalls like being too tired to exercise or eating snacks or, my favorite, the kid's leftover macaroni and cheese?

I was really worried about not having the energy to workout but Healthe Trim takes care of that! If I want mac and cheese, I eat it! Taking Healthe Trim, I feel fuller faster so I'll only eat a couple of bites and feel satisfied....and I never feel guilty afterwards!

7) Do you incorporate your daughter in to any of your exercise routines?

Picking up Gia helps keep my arms in shape! She's getting heavier!

8) You said you cheat on food during the weekend. I envision you and Mario ordering pizza in bed or eating foot long subs and watching the game. Am I right? (Please tell me that your cheating is like my cheating and not "oh, I maybe have a bite or two of a carb." )

I am a carb junkie!!!!!!!!!! I usually cheat with pasta! My moms sauce is addicting!

9) Finally, the world wants to know: Growing up, were you a Zack or A.C. Slater fan? Be honest!

Ha! Zack all the way baby! Mario knows it too!


My Bottle's Up! said...

no joke, i thought mario lopez was gay.

Truthful Mommy said...

She is beautiful! I can't imagine how gorgeous that little Gia is going to be coming from such great genes:) LOL! AC better start working on those guns to fight off all the Zacks that will be knocking at his door in a few years:)

JackieMacD said...

I heard that the fear of your boyfriend sleeping with a Vegas stripper burns a lot of calories.

Ha, I kid. Sort of.

Anonymous said...

Why would you waste your time and insult your readers by basically pitching an unproven product? Is the company paying you, too?
It has never been scientifically proven that hoodia helps weight loss. The energy boost the company talks about is basically from the caffeine in the product. The segment on the company's web site about their "clinical study" is a farce.
Here are some quotes from the company's own page:
"The energy from our product is more of a motivated focused energy."
"Exercise and a calorie controlled diet are essential in promoting fat loss. Exercise is the most natural way to increase your metabolism."
Why don't you encourage weight loss by promoting exercise and healthy eating habits?
I cannot believe that you agreed to help these people push an unproven product. That's incredibly disappointing.

Ve said...

8 weeks seems like an awfully short time to choose to breastfeed unless other factors were at play. I'd hope it wasn't just for the sake of starting that special diet that breast feeding was stopped. As a mother due to give birth soon, I am perturbed by the obsession to lose weight and fast. Breastfeeding is meant to help lose in losing the weight. Oh well; each to their own.

My Bottle's Up! said...

@anonymous why would you waste your time and insult the author of the post by basically insulting her on her own blog under the guise of being anonymous?

incredibly disappointing in deed.

Kimberly said...

First of all, I wouldn't care if AC Slater gained any sympathy weight...I'd still hit it.

Secondly, Anon, this post wasn't to pitch a product. She wasn't saying "Hey I'm jumping off a bridge come join me and while we're at it, let's down some hoodia. All the cool kids are doing it". She was simply stating what she's doing with her postpregnancy weight.

Like with anything posted on the web, you have to do your research (which you obviously did) and take things with a grain of salt. I'm sure that everyone appreciates your wisdom of weight loss. Perhaps you should blog about it.

Anonymous said...

@Kimberly, of course the interview was an ad! They are paid endorsers of the product. Besides convincing bloggers to write about it, there was a segment on Extra.

Google "Courtney Mazza" and "healthe trim" and enjoy the 1800+ results. Then tell me the interviews aren't a pitch.

Who is the Mediocre Mama? said...

Mama's got to eat. It's her blog, she can write about whatever she wants (or pays the bills).

Anonymous said...

If you watch the Extra segment-Courtney's snack is red and green peppers! Who eats that for a snack and claims they are full! Why is she even being interviewed? Who really cares?
Any Mother who gives up breastfeeding at 8 weeks to take pills to lose weight is selfish. Not only that, on a recent interview, she told the world her and Mario had sex at 5 weeks after her C-section instead of waiting the 6 weeks. What an idiot!

Anonymous said...

The reason why Courtney could not produce anymore breastmilk at 8 weeks (according to her twitter) is because of her breast implants that Mario insisted she get in the Spring of 2009 when she moved in with him.
Breast implants can sometimes interfere with the flow of breast milk. I guess she should have thought of that before she said yes and got pregnant a few months later......