June 22, 2011


Recently I filmed a branded video for Kraft in which Jill Simonian and I take a quiz to see what the desserts we love say about our personalities. Given my options, I determined I was a cheesecake kind of gal. But in truth, I'm actually a french fry, loaf of bread, butter, and bottle of wine kind of a gal. What that says about my personality? I need to move to France.

Alright, so I want to know, what dessert style are you?


With Style and Grace said...

How cute are you?! Love this video you did, you're such a natural in front of the camera, I'm impressed. I'm a bottle of wine and bowl of popcorn kinda gal. Not totally normal, I know.

High Heel in a Haystack said...

so cute!! who doesn't love a little dessert?!!!