March 13, 2012


2 weeks exactly before D-day
I gained 33 pounds during my pregnancy with Jonah. Thirty-three. I lost exactly 12 the day he was born. Not that it was anything I cared about DURING the 24 hours of labor/no sleep. But I can remember coming home from the hospital, looking down at what appeared to be a five month pregnant, but blob like belly and thinking, "in addition to the 7lb 5 oz human that emerged from my womb, I muuuust have lost more weight..." So, like a sicko, I hopped on the scale and cursed the amniotic gods for only shedding 5 lbs of fluid.... THEN exhaustion and WTF just happened to my life-ness set in and I didn't think about how much I had or needed to lose again. Well... at least not for another couple months.... Eventually, it all evened out and I was back to my pre-baby weight and bod (minus the newly deflated-breastfeeding ruins everything chest area).

A couple months ago, my buddies at How to Be a Dad asked me to participate in a video they were producing for Kin Community. With pleasure, I said of course and showed up to shoot a little video about losing said baby weight (kind of). Though my days of theeeeater and acting are long behind me, I must admit it was fun doing a video with Charlie, Andy, and my girls Jenny Feldon of Karma (Continued) and Morgan of the818. It's no embarrassing meet and greet with Ashton Kutcher, but it still ought to make you laugh. What do y'all think?


The Zen Mom said...

Too funny. Love it!

One Lucky Mama said...

Sadly, UterZone did not work for me. I was more than miffed when I came home from the hospital with an almost 7 pound baby and I still weighed the SAME as I did the day I went to the hospital. I definitely need a refund.

However, two weeks later, once I started sleeping more than 10 minutes at a time, I lost 30 pounds in a week. So, I recommend Sleeping as a weight loss plan.

When my 3 year old starts sleeping through the night, I plan to lose the rest of the baby weight.