May 8, 2013


6am.  A tap on my shoulder...
Jonah: Mommy...
Me: Yes...?
J: I'm up.
Me: I see.
J: Mommy?
Me: Yes...?
J: I had a very bad dream.
Me: I'm so sorry to hear that.
J: Mommy?
Me: Yes...?
J: Please don't be mad at me... but in my dream... I punched (my cousin).
Me: Wow, that does sound like a bad dream.
J: Are you mad at me?
Me: No, honey. It was just a dream.
J:... Because you know I'd never punch my cousin, right?
Me: I know you'd never punch anyone.

A few days later... 6am again... (I mean, seriously). Michelle Obama in a PSA on PBS.
Me: Do you know who that is?
J: No, who?
Me: That's The First Lady of the United States. That's President Obama's wife. They call her "The First Lady."
J: She was the first lady... EVER?!!!
Me: Not exactly...

I love May. 

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