July 9, 2013


Last year, I tried to volunteer at school as much as I could. Spending time in Jonah's class -cutting paper, cleaning up, passing out goodies on special occasions, etc.- opened my eyes not only to the world of Transitional Kindergarten and public school, but also to the differences between boys and girls... At an early age, it's clear that there is an inherent difference in attention to detail... Generally, the boys scribble fast, while the girls keep the colors (coordinated) and in between the lines. This basically results in Jonah coming home with a lot of projects that, well... look like... someone just wanted to get outside and play zombies vs. Darth Vader. (Or whatever it is that 5 year old boys do.

If I actually housed or stored every single gem that my future "volcano science geologist laboratory doctor" brought home, our house would like like an episode of Hoarders. Therefore, I came up with an artistic solution of my own that showcases the "best part" of my guy's art only. Check it out!


Adam@Singapore said...

Such a great idea, which increases our children’s talent.

Pawan Patidar said...

Good idea for our kids. I will remember and used in my kids room. I have also some ideas on goose feathers.