May 1, 2008


When I opened the mailbox today and saw a very thin envelope from one of my student loan companies, I was less than pleased. I never get anything in the mail from them so I immediately assumed it was a late notice (though I'm never late) or a notice saying one of our checks bounced (though it never has). Okay, fine, I have been late and have bounced a check once (or twice) before, but it doesn't happen often and that's not the point...

The point IS, I was expecting a letter that would no doubt end with me having to call to beg and plead with some unsympathetic customer service rep, but instead was greeted with a surprise:

Dear J-Ko,
Good news! One more payment of $50.88 will pay this student loan account in full.

It has been a pleasure working with you.


WHAT?! "It has been a pleasure working with you"? Jeez, that's it?? No good-bye kiss? No, I'll call you in the morning or breakfast the next day? I feel so used.

Well, the good news is my relationship with student loans is far from over. After opening the letter I felt so great about my success that I checked the balance of my other student loan.... WHAH WHAAAAAAAAH. Good job, Debbie Downer. You still have 20 grand to go.

On the bright side, 10 years ago, when I graduated from NYU, I thought that I'd never pay any off my student loans. And here I am, 50 bucks away from being free of a debt....

I just hope the credit card company is a little easier on our break-up this month when I send them a big ass chunk o' change... That relationship was a serious one for me...


Go Nicole Yourself said...

I'll never forget the day my dad got his last bill for his student loans. He cried. My dad never cried back then.

I will probably pee my pants the day I pay off mine. Yahooooooooo.

Congrats!! Oh and PS - Simon Metz may have possibly told me who you were on facebook and I maybe possibly have already stalked you and maybe possibly might get the nerve to say hello soon :).

Emily said...

For the love of God you might wanna check out this video.