February 17, 2009


I've always thought it was strange when people talk about babies and children by saying  "oh, it's such a great age..." or "that was the best age..." It makes me sad-- as if Baby-Ko turning 24 one day won't be as special as him turning 2.

But after I saw these photos that T-Ko took over the weekend, I kind of understood that "aww, enjoy this right now" thing that people do.  I get it...  Seeing these DOES make me want to stop and relish in every second of every minute RIGHT NOW.  

I probably won't be able to carry him when he's 24, but I can still explore the world and spend hours looking at turtles with him, can't I?

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Colleen said...

I have a little 2-year old too, and I do really love this age! They are so cute and learning so much. There are hard parts about 2-year-olds too, but it is good to try and enjoy it because they won't be a baby much longer. It is sad. But then it's happy too. Weird.

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