April 18, 2012


Spring is here... So 'tis time to purge some of mama's wardrobe and make some extra cashola so I can pay for the cute striped maxi that I haaaaaaaad to have. (It's important to be current, isn't it?) So, as they say, "out with the old, in with the new." I considered having a garage sale but with eBay at my finger tips and a knack on selling, I figured it was worth a shot to list some things in my closet that I think are cute for Spring, (see below) and in perfect condition- some even NEW WITH TAGS, that just aren't fitting me right anymore. With visions of myself on a beach in an adorable new tunic and hat, I'm super motivated to sell now. Also, we're actually moving next month so I need all the extra $ I can get. Next month, I'm going to try my hand at listing furniture and major household items like... a TV. Gulp. Wish me luck!

Things I'm currently selling:

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