April 10, 2012

Sponsored Post: TOYDOZER!

If you follow my blog, you know that I don't do reviews often. But when I do, it's always fun because I'm able to talk about something I generally like or would use. Cue the TOYDOZER.

The ToyDozer is an "innovative new product that allows parents and kids to spend less time cleaning and more time playing." As every parent knows, getting your kid to clean up is nearly impossible and getting on your hands and knees to clean up said mess of legos, cars, blocks, etc, is a pain in the you know what. This system is modeled after a bulldozer scoop and you can use a "gatherer" to hold on to it while you scoop items together. Bottom line, if my 4 year old could use it, and LIKE it, then anyone can really.

The ToyDozer comes in three vibrant colors: blue, yellow, and purple. Each one features orange Velcro tabs that attach the gatherer to the scoop when not in use for easy storage.

Here's a little video I shot to demonstrate. Use BLOGGER20 for 20% off on Toydozer.com! Please excuse the post workout disaster that is my face and hair.

For more information , please visit www.toydozer.com or follow @toydozer on twitter.

This post is part of a Toydozer blogger outreach campaign. Participating bloggers have been provided with a complimentary Toydozer to review and have been compensated for their time.

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